Division 1 – Les Gators forfait…les Warriors encore dans la course…

La BAFL a confirmé hier que les Gators étaient forfaits pour la saison 2017 :

« Following the game between the Ghent Gators and the Brussels Black Angels, the BAFL formally confirms that the result of the game cannot be considered as an Act of God and is to be ruled as a forfeit according to point 7 of the BAFL National Division Regulations.

According to the regulations applicable, the forfeit results in a score of 25-00 to be accounted in the current championship in favour of the Brussels Black Angels. The Ghent Gators are automatically downgraded for the current championship and will be relegated to the second division for the next season.

As a consequence thereof, the setup of the playoffs to be played on 11 June 2017 will be adapted as follows:

–          The Brussels Black Angels (Rank I) will face the Waterloo Warriors (Rank IV).

–          The Brussels Tigers (Rank II) will face the Ostend Pirates (Rank III).

Considering the relegation of the Ghent Gators in second division, it will also be up to the Antwerp Argonauts and the winner of the FAFL Bowl to decide whether they want to play the FAFL relegation playoffs scheduled on 25th June 2017 or to have it cancelled. »

Cette confirmation a notamment pour conséquence que les Waterloo Warriors repassent 4ème au classement général BAFL DIVISION 1. Ceux-ci jouerons donc les Playoffs et redeviennent des candidats au titre de champions nationaux D1.

Président LFFA.